Additel 761A: A Breakthrough in Automatic Pressure Generation & Control

by Shane C.

Additel 761A Automatic Pressure Generation & Control

New Features In A Familiar Face

When the folks at Additel are developing new products, their primary focus lies in innovation and intuitiveness. The Additel 761A automatic pressure calibrator is the embodiment of these principles.

The entire system is self-contained, portable, and widely versatile. The internal pump can effortlessly control pressures from vacuum to 1000PSI with the touch of a button. The 761A pressure calibrator has control stability up to 0.003%FS and offers optional precision accuracy modules to 0.01% full scale.

Header image with text "Features of the Additel 761A Automated Pressure Calibrator"

Features of the Additel 761A Automated Pressure Calibrator

Run tests, log data, and calibrate. All while you're on your lunch break.

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

  • Log & Review Data from Tests and Tasks with 6GB of storage
  • Easily Upload Bulk Tasks for Easy Preparation
  • Runs Tests/Tasks/Calibrations etc. Without Need for Oversight.
  • HART & Profibus Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet
  • 7” TFT Touch Screen Display with 800 x 480 Color Resolution
  • 16 Hours of Battery Life

Enjoy the Benefits of Innovation

  • Simply Set the Desired Pressure and Watch the Calibrator Do the Work.
  • Newly Designed Internal Pump - Capable of Generating 1,000PSI
  • Extremely Versatile with its Wide Range of Pressure Ranges
  • Two Removable Internal Pressure Modules for Multi-Range Selection.
  • User-Friendly, Intuitive Design
  • Allows you to Focus on What is Most Important to You and Your Process: Takes Pressure Off the User by Reducing the Responsibility Required with These Tasks

Remove Human Error

With the ability to bulk upload programs, it is easy to replicate tasks for reliable data points every time. Remove human error with the Additel 761A procuring your data and make more informed decisions with full confidence.

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Still Need Help? Call an Engineer Today.

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