How the Erbessd Phantom Keeps Production High and Repair Costs Low

by John A.

You Don’t Need To Speak Machine To Understand What They Are Trying To Tell You

Your machines are talking to you, but are you listening? If so, how are you listening? Are you simply using your own two ears to listen for any imperfections? Are you waiting until your machines break down or halt your operation? At that point, it is far too late. With new industry-specific technologies, we can now understand what your machines are trying to tell us as soon as a problem arises. Retroactive maintenance is a thing of the past, thanks to the Erbessd Phantom. The Erbessd Phantom remote monitoring system allows for a wide range of industry applications, as these versatile wireless sensors translate information with ease. This language bridge allows you to monitor and maintain the health of your machine at the highest standard. No more guessing.

Erbessd Phantom With Sesnors

What’s the Big Deal?

The differentiators are in the details. These module sensors can simply be placed onto any machine and instantly start reading and transmitting data. No wires, no connections. Then it communicates via BLE 5.0 ultra-long-range technology up to 200m to the gateway. Once there, it uploads to your machines health data to your computer via WiFi, Ethernet, or 4g. The option is available for either Cloud or Local storage. This allows you to sift through copious amounts of data that is all 100% scalable, and accessible from your mobile device. With the addition of predictive software, you can be one step ahead of your machine.


  • Easy to Install Sensors
  • Fit for Any Environment
  • Wirelessly Transmit Data in Real Time
  • Utilize DigivibeMX Software
  • Open SQL is Not Limited to:
      Proprietary Data Bases
      Maintenance Contracts
      Continue Using the Web Tools Your Most Comfortable With

Is Conditioning Monitoring For You?

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