Construction with Hobo Data Loggers

by Jeremiah G

Instrumart has customers all over the world in all kinds of industries.

We want to take the time to share some of the exciting ways our products are being used out in the field.

In this post, we'd like to highlight a few applications from the construction industry, specifically relating to data logging. One of our brands, HOBO, has many products that are ideal for building sites. From safety monitoring to water level alerts, HOBO data loggers can be essential for success.

There are thousands of vital points to monitor on a job site. A first concern is the safety of your workers and the operation of your equipment. Excavation equipment is costly and potentially hazardous if misused. Monitoring and logging the motion and tilt of the equipment can demonstrate the safe operation by your crew.

HOBO Pendant G Data Logger

With the HOBO Pendant G data logger, you can measure tilt, 3-dimensional motion, as well as acceleration on all axis'. It has a waterproof housing, allowing use on equipment that is underwater or exposed to the elements.

HOBO MX2001 Water Level Data Logger

HOBO MX2001 Water Level Data Logger

Speaking of the great outdoors, let's say you are using your equipment on a lakeside project site. The project is set to commence in the spring when winter snowmelt fills the lake. You have concerns that rising lake levels could cause the excavated area to collapse, threatening the safety of workers and damage to the equipment. In this instance, we’d recommend the HOBO MX2001, a water level data logger. It has long battery life and the ability to download data directly to a mobile device. This makes it easy for your contractor to monitor the lake level without having to remove the logger or refer back to a computer. Having the time to prepare your site before it reaches an emergency state gives great peace of mind.

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