How We Eat Well at the Mart

by Logan P.

Image of Instrumart employees enjoying a company barbecue.

There are lots of ways that we make our employees feel well taken care of and happy while working at Instrumart. However, one of the fan favorites around the office is the food. Besides providing a kitchen and coffee equipment, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for employees to enjoy a treat that they can look forward to enjoying with their coworkers. Here are a few ways we make working in the office a little more special with food.

Image of the coffee machines at Instrumart's office.

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Plan it Out

We’ve all experienced it. A meal that you planned with friends at a restaurant you all enjoy. You can’t stop thinking about it (and getting hungry) throughout the week. The day comes, and you finally get to enjoy the meal. It’s like all the work you did the past week was worth it for this one meal. Or, for our extra-motivated readers, maybe you specifically make the meal a reward for accomplishing a certain goal. However you may experience it, having something to look forward to at work can make your week better. Here are a few ways we give our team something to look forward to:

Image of Instrumart employees getting ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Throughout the year, once per week, you can find some sweet treats near our customer service team. On Fridays during the summer, you’ll see the ice cream truck come around the corner and stop in our parking lot. And, on the last business day of each month, the kitchen will be stocked with delicious breakfast sandwiches. Fun fact: In 2021, we got to enjoy 750 breakfast sandwiches!

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Make it Seasonal

Being located in Vermont, we get to experience the fullness of all four seasons. We like to celebrate the seasons by letting our employees showcase their recipes in a potluck-style company meal. For almost 10 years, we have had what’s called “Apple Fest” where people bring in their best apple-based dishes. During Apple Fest, you’ll see the usual staples like apple pie, but there are also plenty of unique dishes.

Images of Instrumart's 'Apple Fest' with apple-themed meals.

In the warmer months of summer, we get to enjoy our patio and grill with a company barbecue. These sorts of events allow us to kick back and relax some quality time and quality food with our coworkers. We have these meals at work to show that while we take our work very seriously, we also value making sure everyone feels happy and well-cared for. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with coworkers in a more casual setting that allows for deeper team growth.

Photos of Instrumart employees enjoying a summer barbecue meal at the office.

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