Optimize Efficiency and Limit Process Interruptions with Endress+Hauser

by MaryKate H.

Combining rigorous safety standards and efficiency through remote communication tools no longer has to break your budget. The newest addition to the Endress+Hauser Field Xpert line, the SMT50 HART Communicator, offers the ability to manage large-scale operations at a competitive price point. 

While this product is provided under the Endress+Hauser name, it can accommodate a variety of third-party instrument device drivers and existing modems to streamline the process of introducing new equipment to your jobsite. 

So, what exactly makes the SMT50 the perfect addition to your arsenal? Let’s take a closer look.

Benefits of the SMT50

The SMT50 is one of few complete solutions for process communication and operation management. Its benefits make it an easy choice to introduce a HART Communicator to your site or replace an aging third-party version. 

Monitoring –  The SMT50 has the ability to set process parameters for flow rate, voltage, and more, allowing users to more easily view or control the health of their industrial systems. It also features Endress+Hauser’s signature Heartbeat Technology and can display standardized diagnostic messages of necessary changes without process interruptions or shutdowns. 

The exceptional efficiency of communicating with the SMT50 also includes DeviceCare and FieldCare — free and upgraded software products from Endress+Hauser designed to configure field devices and provide a range of parameterization at your fingertips. 

Verification –  Through an Ethernet, WiFi, or 4G LTE connection, the SMT50 can confirm device functionality and provide a variety of visual notifications to operations managers to maintain maximum operating efficiency. That includes four safety symbols ranging from potential errors that are non-hazardous to more dangerous situations that could result in serious injury.  

Convenience – While some HART Communicators operate only as a communication device, the SMT50 goes above and beyond. This is an open Microsoft Windows tablet  — allowing operators to download applications like Google Drive directly to the device and review data directly from wherever they are on site. The entire Endress+Hauser digital library, including its Netilion platform, come pre-downloaded and are accessible on the device without a service fee.

These tools can easily organize documentation and digital twin assets, meaning all of your files are available in one place and can be more easily shared with colleagues.

The Problem

Many applications within the process industry require extensive data management to ensure specific tools or functions are operating as expected, often under hazardous conditions. Consider, in an example provided by Endress+Hauser, a hazardous waste incinerator. 

The process of eliminating flue gases generates a substantial amount of heat, which is then pulled through a heat exchanger to ensure it’s recycled elsewhere in the process. That action can result in scaling over time — causing a sharp drop in efficiency. Fixing this problem can be troublesome as it requires identifying the location of the scaling in difficult-to-access locations and sometimes prompts a shutdown to deep clean that area.  

This is because many of these tools feature monitoring devices only at the inlet and outlet points, making the monitoring and identification process incredibly complicated. 

This problem can be solved by using Endress+Hauser wireless HART tools. 

The Solution

Partitioning the process into smaller, more manageable sections and installing differential pressure tools, temperature probes, or other HART-compatible devices can remove the headache here. Measurements from these additional locations will allow managers to more precisely identify potential problems and view them remotely, without interrupting the process, on the SMT50. 

The values are transmitted from wireless HART adapters — which can read up to four devices each — to a singular gateway. These tools are compatible with nearly every third-party device, meaning there’s no costly expense to convert your processes’ monitoring devices when the time comes to track information more precisely. 

All of these features allow manufacturers to keep tabs on the health of their processes and the instrumentation without costly shutdowns. 

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