Flow Measurement in Irrigation Applications

by Lou P.

Diagram of irrigation gradient.

In the irrigation industry, finding a quality flow meter at a reasonable price range with accurate readings and long-term reliability can be challenging. Often, low-cost meters fail in the field after only a couple of years, leading to more expense in the long run. Being able to find a meter that not only stands up to the elements over time, but one that continues to accurately monitor and measure flow efficiently is key. In this blog post, we will review the product highlights of an electromagnetic flow meter that fits the bill: the FloCat MFE. With its stand-out features including availability, an industry-leading warranty, and special state approvals, this is one worth a look.

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Features of the FloCat MFE Magmeter

Low Cost, Low Maintenance, Low Risk

The FloCat MFE is a flanged magmeter with options for an integral or remote mount display, designed for irrigation and other non-potable water applications. At the current starting price of $1599, this meter is budget-friendly when you consider its built-to-last industrial quality. And with no moving internal parts, the meter requires little to no maintenance. That, paired with its ±0.75% accuracy rating, makes for an irrigation meter you don’t want to miss. If an issue arises? No problem! The FloCat MFE comes standard with a three-year warranty.

Irrigation at Scale? Large Quantities Available

If you’re looking for large quantities of a flow meter for your irrigation application, look no further. The FloCat MFE is available for immediate shipment in sizes ranging anywhere from 1 to 16 inches. If you’re a distributor looking for a meter to fit your larger-scale application, don’t hesitate to contact one of our engineers today! Quantity discounts are available and we are ready to help.

Special Approvals & IP Ratings

The Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) has certified that the FloCat MFE passes their regulations. IDWR has this testing performed by the NIST traceable lab at Utah Water Research Laboratory in order to prove that it met all IDWR requirements. You can read more in the product description here. There is also a version of the MFE that carries Kansas State approval. This version is non-resettable and tamper-resistant. The FloCat MFE is IP65 rated for dust and low-pressure jets and water spray. An IP68 rated sensor is optional.

In summary, this high accuracy and low maintenance flow meter is a reliable and budget-friendly choice for your next irrigation application. If you have any questions about the FloCat MFE or what flow meter may best fit your specific irrigation application, please call or chat online with one of our helpful engineers today!

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Still Need Help? Call an Engineer Today

If this post still leaves you wondering what type of industrial instrumentation would work best for your application, our engineers would be happy to help you. Give them a call at 1-800-884-4967. Or, you can shop for a wide range of industrial instrumentation from top brands and even configure your product online. We offer free lifetime tech support with every product sold.

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