Deadweight Tester for Calibrating Pressure Devices

by Mark D.

Image of a deadweight tester sold by Instrumart, a leading supplier of industrial instrumentation.

Deadweight testers are pressure calibration devices that use traceable weights to apply pressure to a fluid for checking the accuracy of a reading from a pressure gauge. A deadweight tester is a calibration standard method that uses a piston cylinder where a load is placed to make an equilibrium with an applied pressure underneath. Typically, deadweight testers are used in calibration labs to calibrate pressure transfer standards. With unmatched accuracy, stability, and repeatability, deadweight testers are universally accepted as the standard for pressure calibration.

Recently, we worked with a customer who was starting up their own calibration company. At first, he was using more simple instruments to perform calibrations; multiple pressure gauges alongside a hand pump. In order to start performing calibrations on higher-accuracy gauges (50 PSI to 10,000 PSI), he needed something more robust than his current solution. The customer consulted with one of our applications engineers, who suggested the Fluke Calibration P3000 Hydraulic Deadweight Tester.

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Features of the Fluke Calibration P3000 Hydraulic Deadweight Tester

The Fluke Calibration P3000 Hydraulic Deadweight Tester ranges up to 20,000 PSI with an accuracy of better than 0.015% of reading. This allows for a broad range of accuracies of different devices to be calibrated.

The P3000 comes with quick connectors for NPT and BSP threads, eliminating additional seals such as teflon or bonded seals. The same weight set can be used with two pistons which will allow for a high-pressure and a low-pressure range. There is a top cover that can latch to the base of the instrument to help protect against damage during transportation. The P3000 also comes standard with the two-pump systems, one for priming and one for high pressure/fine adjustments.

While these solutions are more costly upfront, there are many benefits to having one instrument perform these calibrations across a large pressure range.

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