Introducing the Watlow PM Plus: Temperature Control with a Modern Twist

by Alex A.

Gone are the days of hard-to-read displays, panel covers, or mounting your temperature controller in a remote location to avoid dust, debris or moisture. With the release of the new Watlow PM PLUS™ PID & Integrated Limit Controller, you’re upgrading to a full text LCD, easy-to-read, smooth touch enhanced, IP67 rated display. In this post, we’ll elaborate on the most attractive features of the new Watlow PM Plus and highlight a few possible industry applications that may benefit the most from this new technology. With all of the advanced features in this new temperature controller, this post is one you won’t want to miss.

Note: If you’re new to temperature controllers and not sure where to start, be sure to check out our Temperature Controller Basics Handbook. Still have questions? Our 23+ applications engineers are online and available via chat or phone to answer any questions you may have, or help talk you through the best solution for your application. Watlow PM Plus Temperature Controller Image

First Things, First: Why the Watlow PM Plus?

For those of you familiar with Watlow temperature controllers, you’ll notice that the new PM Plus can do everything the Watlow EZ Zone PM is capable of, but the new PM Plus now has smooth touch buttons, a large, easy-to-read full-text display and an IP67 rating. Are you in the market for a new Watlow controller but not sure which model to choose? According to Watlow's website, the PM Plus has been released with the intention of replacing the EZ-ZONE PM, which will eventually become obsolete.

Smooth Touch Display

The new smooth touch buttons allow for a tighter seal on the 1/16 DIN Display. In turn, this reduces environmental contamination and makes for an easier cleaning process when necessary.

Enhanced Interface

The Watlow PM Plus is currently the only 1/16 DIN controller on the market with a full-text LCD display. Not only is the new display easier to read, but the menu is intuitive as well. These new features, combined with remote access via Bluetooth capability and the EZ-LINK™ mobile app, make for an unparalleled user-friendly configuration.

Dust and Debris? No problem!

Additionally, the PM Plus is IP67 rated. In short, the new IP67 rating allows you to mount the controller in an industrial environment without any dust, debris or moisture affecting your device or its data. An IP67 rating means the unit is dust-tight and can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

For more in-depth information on the existing and additional features, check out the Watlow PM Plus datasheet here. Additionally, check out the below video to view the manufacturer’s overview of the Watlow PM Plus.

To Recap, Highlights of the Watlow PM Plus Include:

  • Smooth Touch Button Interface
  • Full Text LCD Display
  • Higher IP Rating Than Most Controllers Currently Available
  • Bluetooth Technology Syncs with Existing EZ-LINK Mobile App
  • Backward Compatibility with the EZ-ZONE PM
  • Application Ideas for the Watlow PM Plus Temperature Controller:

  • Sanitary Environments
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Heat Treating
  • Brewing Applications
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Kilns
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