SignalFire Wireless Telemetry - Wireless Solutions for the Water Distribution Industry

by Luke M.

There are many challenges to monitoring a water distribution network. The various components are not easily accessible, can be located in hazardous areas, and it can be difficult to know when an issue arises. The SignalFire RANGER, combined with the Cloud Platform, is an advanced wireless data monitoring solution that enables you to remotely monitor all your assets in the Water Distribution Market. The system is designed to be easily installed into your existing process without any interruptions or complicated procedures. The plug-and-play device connectivity is fast and straightforward, allowing you to connect all your existing sensors into one complete monitoring tool. RANGER nodes can be configured remotely, and firmware updates are deployed over the air to keep your system optimized at all times.

The SignalFire RANGER uses cellular wireless technology to provide bi-directional connectivity to the secure SignalFire Cloud interface or other interfaces. The device can be powered by built-in batteries or an optional external solar panel, eliminating the need for costly power drops and network cables. You can view device status and GPS location on a map and monitor all your remote assets from the convenience of your mobile device from anywhere, anytime. 

SignalFire's Cloud Platform is a comprehensive, scalable data management system for remote distribution and collection systems. The system provides real-time, alarm and historical data in user-configurable automated reports and dashboards that display your data from all your remote sensors, instruments, and analyzers. The platform is easy to set up and use, and the first year of cloud service is included. The system also offers configurable alarms reported by SMS (text), email, and web app alerts, ensuring you receive critical alerts and manage alarms effectively. 

SignalFire's technology offers a versatile solution for monitoring water distribution systems. It can be used for various applications, such as tank level monitoring, pump station monitoring, pressure relief & pressure reducing valve monitoring, water quality monitoring, lift station monitoring, and more. 

The RANGER simplifies remote asset monitoring by offering a user-friendly experience that makes the process effortless. The device is battery, solar, or DC powered, LTE-M/NB-IoT Cellular connectivity to cloud services, environmentally rugged, and intended to operate for years on-site without maintenance. The device has the capability to power and measure any sensor that utilizes the industry's most common signal types (mA, HART, Pulse, Modbus, RTD, Volts, SDI-12).

SignalFire's RANGER is designed to be a low-cost, easy-to-deploy, and user-friendly device. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, SignalFire is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest wireless technologies and trends to cater to your specific application.

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