The Druck UNIK 5000H Hydrogen Focused Pressure Sensor

by Mark D.

As hydrogen gains traction as an energy carrier across various industries, there is a growing need for reliable and accurate pressure measurement solutions that are compatible with hydrogen's unique properties.  The Druck UNIK 5000H pressure sensor is optimized to withstand these demanding measurement conditions.

Hydrogen poses two main challenges for pressure sensors - hydrogen permeation and embrittlement. Hydrogen can diffuse into many metals, causing them to become brittle and potentially crack over time. This hydrogen embrittlement process degrades the sensor's stability and accuracy. Hydrogen also easily permeates through many materials, degrading performance and potentially causing drift and instability. 

To combat these effects, the UNIK 5000H utilizes a stainless steel 316L diaphragm, which has excellent hydrogen embrittlement resistance thanks to its low carbon content and addition of molybdenum and nickel. Additionally, the use of a high-performance coating barrier on the diaphragm minimizes the impact of hydrogen permeation, extending the life of the sensor and offering class-leading long-term stability.

Another key aspect of the UNIK 5000H is its configurable modular design. Customers can easily select from various pressure ranges, outputs, connectors, and other options to build a sensor tailored to their specific application needs. Ranges are available from as low as 700 mbar (10 psi) up to 700 bar (10,000 psi). This extensive configurability allows the UNIK 5000H to meet the needs of hydrogen applications across transportation, chemical processing, energy generation, and more.

In addition to its hydrogen resistance, the UNIK 5000H provides high overall performance critical for precision process monitoring and control tasks. 

  • Best in Class Accuracy up to ±0.04% of full scale.
  • A fast millisecond-level response time allows real-time pressure trending. 
  • Overpressure protection up to 4X maximum range provides some safeguard in upset conditions.
  • Operating temperatures range from -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to 257°F) to suit different hydrogen equipment conditions. 

For output and integration flexibility, the UNIK 5000H has options for mV level, 4-20 mA, linearized voltage (e.g. 0-5V or 0-10V), and configurable outputs. The configurable output versions can be tailored to any voltage span required by the user control system. These plug-and-play outputs eliminate external signal conditioning. Hazardous area approvals are available for use in potentially explosive environments.

The Druck UNIK 5000H pressure transmitter is purpose-built to address hydrogen’s unique challenges while delivering high performance and flexibility. The hydrogen-compatible materials provide excellent permeation resistance and durability. Modular construction enables a customizable sensor solution to meet diverse requirements. Precision measurements provide the process insight needed in hydrogen applications. Rugged industrial design allows stable operation in real-world conditions. With hydrogen expected to transform everything from transportation to energy infrastructure, the UNIK 5000H provides a reliable pressure measurement option for new hydrogen technologies.