Back by Popular Demand: The New and Improved Druck Calibrator

by Mike C.

The reintroduction of Druck’s signature calibrator, the DPI610E, comes with a number of upgrades that make it the most efficient and complete offering to date. Building off of successes from its original design, Druck is enabling users to meet all of their pressure calibration needs in a single, rugged package. 

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Improved user interface 

Druck’s classic design was given a modern twist with the DPI610E, now manufactured with a 4.4-inch capacitive touchscreen. This screen style is more responsive, provides added clarity, and is less likely to suffer from scratches after constant use in the field.

This addition does not mark a total overhaul of the interface — Druck continues to include push button controls that can be used as needed.

Log data more efficiently

The DPI610E can record data from two channels simultaneously, either through a manual prompt or automatically at set intervals. All data observed (the device can hold more than 100,000 points) can be reviewed locally through an LCD screen, exported to a PC, or used with Druck 4Sight2 Management Software to turn your DPI610E into a documenting calibrator.

RTD & Remote pressure transducer interface

Druck now incorporates an external RTD, this 150 mm, PT100, Class A RTD probe now allows for external temperature measurement through your DPI610E. The usage of the remote pressure transducer is much easier now as the sensor calibrations are all stored within the sensor electronics which allows for "plug and play" usage without having to manually load the calibration data to your instrument.


Quick fit adapters & moisture trap

Druck now incorporates their quick fit adapter design into their calibrators, this allows for quick removal of your device under test. They also send each unit with a dirt & moisture trap that uses the same quick fit design. This allows the user to work in extreme environments without letting dirt or moisture corrupt the inner workings of their calibrators.

Charge faster, use longer

A new lithium ion battery means your tools can spend less time on the charger and more time in the field. The DPI610E boasts up to 90 hours of battery life depending on which features are being used and can be fully charged from empty in roughly two hours.

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