ProComSol HART Communication: Budget-Friendly Monitoring Solutions

by Shane C.

When it comes to purchasing industrial instrumentation, there are endless solutions for any given application. Are you looking for a pressure sensor? If so, what type of pressure are you measuring? What is your pressure range? What sensor technology do you need? Will the price fit within your budget requirements? The list of options goes on and on. When you finally decide on and purchase the right device for your specific application, you are left with the next step of figuring out how to interpret your information and monitor your process. In today’s post, we’ll be chatting about one of the more popular technologies for this known as Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) Protocol Communication. We will also be recommending a high quality, budget-friendly, portable option.


As you may already know, HART communicators interface with HART-enabled devices over 4-20mA analog wiring ultimately allowing the user to calibrate, diagnose, or configure their device remotely. This technology is most commonly implemented when a user needs to monitor multiple instruments, or monitor a device within a hazardous environment.

If you are in the market for a HART communicator that is not only reliable but also cost-effective, look no further. The ProComSol PC HART Communicator Kit (COM-PC) has you covered. Your purchase includes the DEVCOM2000 software, a USB modem, and connectors. This high quality, compact kit allows the user to turn any computer or laptop into a full HART communicator. To top things off, this kit sells for $1,300.00, making it a great solution for technicians and process engineers troubleshooting while on site.

Here’s a Closer Look into ProComSol’s Innovative HART Communication Solutions:

The ProComSol PC Hart Communicator Kit Includes:

  • DevCom2000 Software
  • USB HART Modem
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • DevCom2000 Software Features Include:

  • Access Wireless HART Devices via Ethernet
  • Perform Device Configurations from your PC/Laptop
  • Access Information on Demand
  • Comes with Latest Registered DD’s from the HART Foundation
  • Monitor and Log Device Events
  • Save Configurations as Text or PDF Files
  • Enhanced DDL IEC 61804-2 Compliant
  • To view the full datasheet and software system requirements, click here.

    No PC? No problem!

    ProComSol offers the ProComSol Tablet HART Communicator Kit which, for a slightly higher price point, includes a tablet for increased portability. Too pricey? With ProComSol’s Bluetooth Low-Energy HART Modem you can wirelessly connect your Android or iOS device to your HART instruments for configuration and remote monitoring.

    Looking for a Hazardous Area Solution? Look no further.

    The ProComSol MOBI-HART MobiLink Modem has a rugged enclosure rated to IP54 standards and has been deemed suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas. This modem allows your HART instruments to be configured and monitored by connecting your smartphone, tablet, or PC to your HART device.

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