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  • 4-20mA output
  • ± 5mm accuracy
  • Maximum temperature of 60°C
  • Range
    • Liquids: 32.8ft (10m)
    • Solids: 16.4ft (5m)
  • Frequency: 80GHz., W-band, FMCW
  • Supply voltage: 12-30 VDC
  • IP68 rated sensor
  • Bluetooth wireless configuration via the LevelTap mobile app


The Flowline LR80 EchoBeam is a series of liquid and solid level sensor transmitters that measures liquid and solids media with a dielectric constant vale of ≥ 1.6. It is ideal for media such as water, chemical or petroleum-based liquids, and pellet, grain, powder, or aggregate solids. With an 80GHz radar level sensor transmitter, it provides continuous level measurement up to 32.8ft (10m) for liquids or 16.4ft (5m) for solids. It can be wirelessly configured through Bluetooth via the LevelTap app, which allows a user to see the level, verify status, and manage the setting of the level sensor transmitter.

The level sensor transmitter can measure the level height, air gap, tank volume, or open channel flow. There is a sealed 10m PVC jacketed cable for corrosive level environments. The PVDF antenna and enclosure allows for corrosive liquids and solids as well. It has the option of measuring through the top wall of plastic or fiberglass tanks. This makes the transmitter a suggested choice for tank, sump, lift station, weir, canal, reservoir, bin, conveyor or transfer station applications.