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  • Pressure rating: class 125/150
  • Seat type: cartridge
  • Drilling: ANSI 125/150, JIS, 10K, PN 10/16
  • Complete automation capabilities
  • ISO 5211 mounting pad
  • Shells tested to 150% and seat tested to 110% of maximum working pressure
  • Conforms to MSS SP 61


The JFlow Controls 80/81 series butterfly valve is a resilient seated valve with a one piece body construction that complies with MSS SP 67 and ISO 5752. The mounting pad with a square or key type stem shaft is ISO 5211 compliant and permits direct mount actuation for both manual (lever and gear), pneumatic, and electric operations. The high strength, two-piece stem eliminates the need for taper pins or disc screws.

All disc castings for these butterfly valves are spherically machines and polished for extended seat life and bubble tight shut off. The cartridge design of the seats allow for easy change without special tools. There are reduced disc options for lower pressure applications. The teflon stem bushing allows for an extended life of the valve, as well as lower operator torque for manual operation and shaft support.


This product can be used in the following applications: