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  • Measurement Range: 98 ft. (30 m), 49 ft. (15 m) for the IEC 61508 certified version
  • Operating Pressure: -15 to 363 psig (-1 to 25 bar)
  • Operating Temperature: -76 to 392 °F (-60 to 200°C)
  • IEC 61508 certified to SIL 2, Overfill prevention according to WHG/TÜV
  • Power Supply: 12-35 VDC (30 VDC in Intrinsically Safe installations)
  • Antenna Type: Process Seal, Lens Antenna, ATAP Lens Antenna


The Rosemount 3408 radar level transmitter provides continuous level measurements in a broad range of process applications/ The design of the transmitter enables fit for purpose solutions and flexibility in use. Applications for the transmitter include tanks and vessels with small process fittings, corrosive environments, and open air installations. It is certified for use in hazardous locations and meets NAMUR recommendations.

The Rosemount 3408 also contains all PTFE wetted parts to allow for use in harsher conditions. Optional Bluetooth technology can provide configuration and maintenance assistance. The Smart Meter Verification feature also allows a user to schedule automatic health checks and receive reports. Additionally, safe and simple proof-tests can be carried out from the control room without changing the actual level.