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  • Ambient temperature: -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C)
  • Process temperature(s):
    • Low pressure model: -328 to 392°F (-200 to 200°C)
    • Middle/High pressure model: -49 to 176°F (-45 to 80°C)
  • Process pressure / maximum overpressure limit: 1bar abs to 24.5 bar abs (15 psi to 355.25 psi)
  • Accuracy: ±2mm (± 0.08in)
  • Measuring range: Maximum 30m (100ft)
  • Process connection(s):
    • Threaded: 1in, 1-1/2in
    • Flange: 40A
  • Design Approval: EN 10204-3.1


E+H LT5 Float Level Gauge provides level indication of petroleum products such as crude oil, kerosene, light and heavy oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, seed oil and animal oil, highly viscous liquid such as asphalt, and certain chemicals (corrosive/toxic vapor can be sealed using a liquid seal pot). Tank-side direct reading allows the user the ability to quickly check the level indication. The LT5 has completely integrated internal mechanisms and no electrical power is required to perform the measurements.

The LT5 contains a built-in repeatability check. This tank gauging instrument can be installed on a variety of tanks, including a fixed roof, floating roof, covered floating roof, or spherical tank. It can be used in conjunction with an analog or digital transmitter to perform task inventory management. Additionally, a standardized guide wire and anchor design permits easy installation. Some specifications include a maximum measuring range of 30m (100ft) and a process pressure of 1bar abs to 24.5 bar abs (15 psi to 355.25 psi). Process temperature limits will depend on the pressure configuration.

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