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  • +/-1mm (0.04in) accuracy
  • -40 to 200°C (-40 to 392°F) process temperature
  • 50m (164ft) maximum measurement distance
  • W-Band (~80 GHz) frequency
  • 2-wire (HART/ PROFIBUS PA) PROFINET with Ethernet-APL Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • IEC 61508


The E+H Micropilot FMR60B radar level transmitter is used for continuous non-contact level measurement in simple liquid applications with small process connections. The Micropilot FMR60B is suitable for free-space applications up to 50m and offers high beam focusing for vessels with many internal fittings.

The FMR60B offers easier troubleshooting through recommended actions shown on the display, as well as the reduction of systematic errors through guided SIL-locking, verification, and proof testing. Heartbeat Technology increases productivity due to process monitoring, verification, and diagnostics. 

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