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  • Accuracy (Full Scale = -14.5psig / -1bar / -0.1MPa):
    • 0 to 20% of Range: ±(0.05% of Full Scale)
    • 20 to 110% of Range: ±(0.25% of Reading)
    • Vacuum: ±(0.5% of Full Scale)
  • 14 to 122°F temperature range
  • Display:
    • Screen: 5 digits, 0.66in (16.8mm) high
    • Display rate: 4 readings/sec
  • 2 x AA batteries provides 900hrs power, typical
  • Extended battery life:
    • 1 reading/15sec: 3,000hrs
    • 1 reading/30sec: 6,000hrs
    • 1 reading/60sec: 10,000hrs
    • 1 reading/5min: 25,000hrs
    • 1 reading/10min: 30,000hrs


The Ametek Crystal M1M Digital Pressure Gauge maintains 0.25% of reading accuracy from 14 to 122°F. Accuracy is not affected by dropping, overpressure, vibration, temperature, or rapid pressure change. The battery life covers up to 3 years of continuous use, and the gauge includes a bright backlit display with easy-to-read large numbers. A protective boot is included. The gauge is IP65 rated with shock-resistant circuitry and hard polyester/polycarbonate blend enclosure with an included rubber boot. 

The gauge's accuracy includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature, and stability for three years. All models indicate vacuum, but vacuum specification applies to 300psi / 20bar / 2MPa models only. The gauge is not recommended for continuous use below -14.5psi.

The gauge is non-condensing, and no change in accuracy is observed over the operating temperature range. The gauge must be zeroed to achieve the rated specification. The LCD display is readable in sunlight with a bright backlight. The M1M uses two alkaline AA (LR6) batteries. Use of the backlight reduces the operating time. Extended battery life is keypad selectable.