• 70C1300211
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  • Configurations:
    • NFC on Android (4.4 or later) device and INOR Connect app
    • iOS (v.13 or later) device and INOR Connect app
  • 4-20 mA output (non-isolated)
  • -40 to 185 °F ambient temperature
  • Rugged design tested for 10g vibrations
  • Head mounted
  • INOR Connect App
  • NAMUR NE43

For applications requiring an RTD, please visit the APAQ C130 RTD product page


The INOR APAQ C130 TC Temperature Transmitter is a highly reliable modern transmitter. External influences such as ambient temperature, vibration, moisture and EMC interference have minimal influence on the measurement result. Minimal drift of ±0.05°C or ±0.05% of span / year reduces the need for calibration.

The transmitter can be configured wirelessly via NFCTM with your smartphone or tablet.