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  • 18 to 100 VDC
  • 6 watts typical, 11 watts maximum
  • -40 °F (-40.0 °C) to 149 °F (65.0 °C) operating temperature
  • Hygienic 316 stainless steel
  • Integral mounting options
  • Start, stop, and reset totalizers
  • Ethernet port for EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and web server connections
  • One configurable channel for mA Output, Frequency Output, or Discrete Output
  • Connects to embedded web server via Ethernet connection for on-board configuration or data transfer


The Micro Motion 1600 transmitters provide easy access to detailed measurement history, giving you valuable insight into your process for better troubleshooting and optimization. Real-time indication of multi-phase flow events allow for greater process control. High-accuracy density measurement reduces or eliminates waste in your process while the embedded
historian records upsets and process deviations.

Designed to minimize the time and expertise needed to install and operate the flow meter, the 1600 provides an intuitive interface with a single wiring compartment. The 1600 transmitter contains descriptive alerts describing the issue and recommended steps for resolution. Detailed history files deliver key time-stamped information about your process from configuration changes and alerts to process events and statistics. 

Two-phase flow detection provides clear and concise information about fluid conditions, including notification about single phase, moderate two-phase flow, and severe two-phase flow fluid regimes. 

Smart Meter Verification provides a quick, complete assessment of a Micro Motion Coriolis meter, determining whether the meter has been affected by erosion, corrosion, or other influences affecting meter calibration.