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  • Dynamic vibration (IEPE) sensor output
  • 10mV/g sensitivity
  • ±5% sensitivity tolerance
  • 500g peak acceleration range
  • Frequency response:
    • ±5%: 2 to 15,000Hz
    • ±3 dB: 0.5 to 25,000Hz
  • 60Hz resonance frequency
  • 100Ω max output impedance
  • 500g peak vibration limit
  • 5,000g peak shock limit


The Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies 732 series high frequency accelerometer is designed for long-term, reliable use. It is constructed with 316L stainless steel and features a 10-32 UNF tapped hole for mounting with SF1 stud (included), a 10-32 coaxial output connector, and an R1 mating connector. The 732A model has a side exit connector, and the 732AT model has a top exit connector. The 732 is case grounded and manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility.

High frequency accelerometers are used on machinery with gear mesh or small bearings, such as high-speed machine tool spindles and compressors. At high frequencies, there is little vibration in terms of displacement and velocity, however tremendous amounts of acceleration amplitudes may be present.