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  • Dynamic vibration (IEPE) sensor output
  • Grounding:
    • 728A: Case grounded, side connector
    • 728T: Base isolated, top connector
  • 500mV/g sensitivity
  • ±5% sensitivity tolerance
  • 15g peak acceleration range
  • Frequency response:
    • ±5%: 3 to 5,000Hz
    • ±3 dB: 1 to 10,000Hz
  • 24kHz resonance frequency
  • 100Ω max output impedance
  • 250g peak vibration limit
  • 2,500g peak shock limit


The Wilcoxon Sensing Technologies 728 series compact high sensitivity accelerometer is designed for long-term, reliable use. It is constructed with stainless steel and features a 10-32 tapped hole for mounting with SF1 stud (included). It has a 10-32 coaxial output connector and R1 mating connector. The 728A is case grounded, and the 728T is base isolated.

The 728 series accelerometer is manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility.