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  • 150-1500 pressure rating
  • 3,625 psi maximum pressure rating
  • Suitable for corrosive, contaminated, highly viscous or hot pressure media
  • Flanged process connection per EN/ASME (NPS) ½", ¾", 1" or DN 15, 20, 25


The Wika L990.12 Threaded Diaphragm Seal is ideally suited for applications with small process connections. Due to the internal diaphragm low measuring ranges can be realized.

The large diameter of the diaphragm effects a low deviation at the measuring instrument when the temperature changes. By means of optionally available flushing connections, the process side of the flange can be cleaned and flushed as required.

Assembly of the diaphragm seal to the measuring instrument may be made via a direct connection, for high temperatures via a cooling element or via a flexible capillary.

For the material selection WIKA offers a variety of solutions, in which the upper body of the diaphragm seal and the wetted parts can be made of identical or different materials. The wetted parts can, as an alternative, be coated.