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  • -148 to 68°F (-100 to 20°C) measurement range
  • ±0.27°F (±0.15°C) reproducibility
  • ±0.18°F (±0.1°C ) accuracy
  • ±0.09°F (±0.05°C) stability
  • 1/4in VCR fitting (inlet)
  • Touch screen interface
  • Microscope for visual inspection of condensate
  • External 4-wire PT100 connections
  • Ethernet or USB connections
  • SD card data logging


The Michell Instruments S000-100 chilled mirror hygrometer directly measures the formation of condensation on a mirrored surface, offering a wide measurement range of -148 to 68°F (-100 to 20°C). The S000-100 uses an advanced dual optics system which detects small changes in moisture condense on the mirror surface. This results in a very high sensitivity and fast response to changes in frost point, even at very low moisture levels where measurements are most challenging.

The S8000-100 provides a range of Modbus digital communications and analog outputs, allowing it to be monitored remotely or via S8000-100 logging software. A high contrast touch screen LCD display gives entirely customizable local indication of the measured values, along with a trend graph and fault warnings. 4-wire PT100 connections are provided on the rear panel for remote mirror temperature monitoring. No operator intervention is required because of the fully automated control of the system.

It is possible for moisture to exist as a liquid at temperatures down to -40°F and the difference in condensation temperature between water and ice can be 10% of the reading. The S8000-100 takes two approaches to ensure confidence in the phase of water condensate being measured, whether dew or frost. The first method is Frost Assurance (FAST), which determines whether the dew point of the sample is in the temperature region where super-cooled water can exist, and if so, drives the mirror down to below -40°F to make certain that ice is present on the mirror surface. The second method is a viewing microscope that comes standard with all S8000-100 models. The microscope enables the user to inspect the mirror directly during the measurement process and determine the state of condensation.

The S8000-100 utilizes a system called DCC (Dynamic Contamination Correction). The DCC system is automated and adapts the instrument control to achieve optimum measurement performance at all times by guaranteeing a uniform condensate layer. This ensures highly repeatable measurement performance. The DCC system is fully automatic, but can be configured by the user for individual applications.


  • Reference humidity measurements in standards laboratories
  • Reference instrument in humidity calibration facilities
  • Precision moisture measurements in research and development