• Range -14 to 6,000 psi differential (-1 to 420 bar)
  • Up to ±0.04% accuracy
  • ±0.1% of upper range limit stability
  • -40 to 248°F (-40 to 120°C) process temperature for silicone oil filling
  • Fuji and HART communication protocols
  • Hazardous area approvals
  • IP66/IP67 and NEMA 4X
  • Analog or 5-digit local display


The Fuji Electric FKC differential pressure transmitter uses a unique micro-capacitive silicon sensor and state-of-the-art digital signal processing to provide exceptional accuracy and stability. The transmitter's silicon sensor assures this accuracy for all elevated or suppressed calibration ranges without additional adjustment. Using a silicon measurement diaphragm limits hysteresis and mechanical fatigue problems on the sensitive element, and provides the user with very high zero stability and long-term reliability.

The FKC transmitter's advanced floating cell technology protects against temperature variations and overpressure, and substantially reduces the overall measurement error. The burnout current value can be adjusted in the ranges of 3.2 to 4 and 20 to 22.5 mA, and can be compliant with NAMUR NE43 recommendations. The transmitter's output signal can be linearized using up to 14 points.

The electronics unit, local indicators and electronics housing are interchangeable among all FCX-AII V5 transmitters. Various options are available to address a wide range of process industry applications, including a full range of hazardous area approvals, a built-in RFI filter and lightning arrester, analog or 5-digit local display with engineering units, stainless steel electronics housing, and a wide selection of wetted part materials.