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  • Pressures from 2 to 50 psi gauge
  • Accuracy @ 25°C:
    • ≤ ± 0.25% BFSL
    • ≤ ± 0.5% BFSL (2 psi)
  • ≤ ±0.25% of full scale stability
  • 50 million pressure cycles
  • 2x minimum overpressure
  • 5x or 250 psi (whichever is less) burst pressure
  • -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C) operating temperature
  • 32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C) compensated temperature
  • TC Zero:
    • ≤ ± 1% of full scale
    • ≤ ± 2% of full scale (2 psi)
  • TC Span:
    • ≤ ± 1% of full scale
    • ≤ ± 2% of full scale (2 psi)
  • EMI/RFI protection
  • IP68 rating


The CS15 Non-Clogging Submersible Pressure Transducer is designed for liquid level measurement in turbulent tanks and tanks with viscous medias such as wastewater lift stations. A Hastelloy C276 diaphragm, stainless steel construction and an ETFE cable jacket allow for installation in a wide variety of liquids. The heavy-duty steel cage anchors the sensor at the bottom of the tank to ensure accurate level readings as well as acting as a barrier between solids in the tank and the flush diaphragm of the sensor. A vent tube runs the length of the cable and quickly equalizes the barometric pressure within the sensor body. The CS15 is available in various output signals including 4-20mA for long distance transmissions and voltage outputs for low power, low current consumption applications.

The CS15 was carefully engineered to withstand some of the toughest environments. With a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mils, the diaphragm is the thinnest component of the transducer. To help protect this critical component, Hastelloy C276 (UNS N10276) is the standard diaphragm material. This material is a super nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy offering excellent corrosion resistance, which prolongs the life of the transducer.

300 series stainless steel (316L and 304) makes up the remaining metallic construction including the heavy duty steel cage, housing (case), and 1/2′′ MNPT conduit fitting. Precision tig welds along with a Kynar strain relief and Viton seals prevent liquids from entering the sensor, resulting in an IP68 rating.