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  • ±0.25% BFSL accuracy
  • ±0.25% FS, typical stability (1 year)
  • Over Range Protection: 2X Rated Pressure, Minimum
  • Burst Pressure: 5X or 40,000psi (whichever is less)
  • Pressure Cycles: >100 Million
  • Four D-cell lithium battery pack (field replaceable)
  • LTE CAT M1 connectivity to cloud services
  • Pressure ranges from 2 to 20,000psi available
  • Data location from built-in GPS
  • SignalFire cloud monitoring/alarming service
  • 1/2in NPT process connection standard
  • IP64 rated enclosure
  • Class 1 division 2 certified


The SignalFire Wireless Telemetry Pressure Ranger transmitter uses the latest LTE CAT M1 technology for sensors and fully integrated with SignalFire’s cloud monitoring and alarming services. The Pressure Ranger includes an integrated pressure sensor and features a built-in GPS receiver that reports location of devices to the cloud, providing a map of all connected assets. The unit is powered by a 4 D-cell lithium battery pack that is field replaceable.

The Pressure Ranger comes complete with the mobile device ready SignalFire cloud interface to monitor, trend and get alarms either by text or email message. In addition, the cloud platform provides for remote configuration and troubleshooting of the Pressure Ranger.