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  • Gases include methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, ethylene and propylene
  • 0–5 LEL.m range
  • Low 1 LEL.m; High 3 LEL.m recommended alarm settings
  • 0.5 LEL.m recommended minimum alarm setting
  • 6 to 393ft (2 to 120m) path length
  • T90 less than 3 seconds response time
  • -67 to 167°F (-55 to 75°C) operating temperature
  • 24 VDC nominal (18 to 32 VDC) power supply
  • IP66/67 (Type 4X) ingress protection
  • Global hazardous area and performance approvals


The Honeywell Searchline Excel Plus gas detector is designed for short- and medium-range perimeter and fenceline monitoring of global oil and gas applications to help protect people, facilities and processes from combustible gas leaks. When mounted at the edge of a facility, the Excel Plus provides reliable detection in harsh and changing environments. Advanced transmitter and receiver optics allow monitoring to continue even in thick fog.

The Excel Plus offers fast response to flammable hydrocarbon gas even in low visibility conditions, and advanced diagnostics including window clarity and alignment accuracy enable maximum uptime and continuous site protection. The high-visibility, multi-color LED HALO ring provides a clear indication of the device's status, and automatic reporting includes full logging of alarms, events and maintenance actions.

The Excel Plus is easy to use, low-maintenance and calibration-free. The Honeywell fixed platform universal mount and advanced alignment scope enable easy mechanical installation. The Excel Plus incorporates Bluetooth connectivity for simplified, non-intrusive setup and maintenance. The Excel Plus can also be paired with Honeywell's intrinsically safe, ruggedized mobile phone, and the Honeywell fixed platform app can be used to interact with the detector.

The Searchline Excel Plus has a range of outputs including 4-20mA with HART, fault and alarm relays, and Modbus and Bluetooth communication, and it can be easily integrated into existing networks.


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