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  • Sizes 2 to 12 inch
  • Polyamide PA6-60/PVDF disc
  • Polyamide PA6-60 outer body
  • Both ANSI 150 and DIN 2501 connections
  • EDPM or FKM seal materials
  • 316 stainless steel stem
  • Manual and actuated options available
    • Bare shaft
    • Locking lever
    • Gearbox (aluminum or cast iron)
    • Electrical actuated (100-230V or 24V)
    • Pneumatic actuated


The Georg Fischer Type 565 Butterfly Valve is wafer style compatible with both ANSI 16.5 150lb and DIN 2501 flange patterns. It is designed with a reinforced PVDF disc for improved strength as well as impact resistance while still being easy to operate. The wetted PVDF disc material features superior surface finish and lubricity, while its Durethan reinforcement provides lightweight toughness.

The Type 565 features a non-wetted shaft design. The shaft is isolated from the flow media by utilizing a disc-hub seal and double redundant O-rings. This industry tested design ensures a reliable seal for a wide variety of applications.

The Type 565 is tested in accordance to ISO 9393 and designed to ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 9001 for Environmental Management.