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  • 2.5m (8ft) probe length
  • Vacuum to 10bar (145psi) process pressure
  • -40 ° to 100°C (-40 ° to 212°F) process temperature
  • Up to 1% accuracy
  • Carbon fiber/stainless steel construction
  • Thread process connection


The E+H Liquicap FMI21 Capacitive Level Transmitter is a simple rod probe for continuous level measurement for conductive liquids. High quality non-corrosive materials (carbon fiber, stainless steel) make it suitable even for aggressive liquids (e.g. acids and alkalis).

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FMI21-D2D2C1 [60in]
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FMI21-D2D2C1 [40in]
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FMI21-D2D2A1 18,00" Call for information 3 Call to order
FMI21-D2D2C1 78,00" Call for information 3 Call to order

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