• 35mm DIN rail mounting, to EN50022
  • Screw clamp terminals
  • 0.14 to 2.5mm² wire capacity
  • Polycarbonate case
  • -40 to 158°F (–40 to 70°C) operating temperature
  • 11.0 to 24.0V DC trunk input voltage range
  • 10.8 to 15.6V DC trunk output voltage range
  • 32.0V DC absolute maximum input voltage
  • 300mA maximum input current
  • Continuous reverse polarity protection against damage
  • IEC 61158-2, Foundation fieldbus H1, Profibus PA


The MTL F30 Ex ic adapter provides intrinsically safe Ex ic spur connections for fieldbus networks in Zone 2 hazardous areas. One F30 is used with each F300 Megablock to limit the voltage at the spurs to Ex ic levels. When connected to suitably certified fieldbus instruments, the spurs may be live-worked in accordance with normal intrinsic safety procedures. The F30 is completely transparent to all fieldbus communications.

The F30 is compatible with F304, F308 and F312 Megablock types, typically providing up to 12 Ex ic spurs per fieldbus segment. Up to two F30s and their associated Megablocks may be connected to a single segment to allow the fieldbus trunk to be extended between junction boxes in the field.

The spurs are compatible with FISCO and Entity certified fieldbus instruments. Where FISCO instruments are selected, cable parameter calculations are not required.

To comply with intrinsic safety requirements, each fieldbus segment must be powered by a 918x-x2 fieldbus power supply, fitted with 9192-FP power modules.

Ex ic replaces the earlier Ex nL technique for energy-limited fieldbus networks, and brings the technique into line with formal intrinsic safety procedures.

A key benefit of the MTL Ex ic spur solution is that the fieldbus power supply has a higher output voltage, allowing longer trunk cable lengths and more fieldbus instruments per segment. Requirements for ensuring compatibility with major host control systems are also simplified. The F30 is designed for installation in the field enclosure together with the Megablock wiring hub.