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  • Indirect heating so the fluid/gas never contacts the heating elements
  • Operating temperatures to 1112°F (600°C)
  • Compatible with pressures to 2712 psi (187 bar) at 1000°F (537°C)
  • Flowpath tube: 0.500” OD (12.7 mm); .065” Wall (1.77 mm)
  • Power
    • Up to 6kW
    • Voltage Range: 120 - 575 V
  • Bronze heater body with Inconel 600 flow tube
  • Optional thermocouple sensors
  • Explosion-Proof enclosure, certified to:
    • Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Grp. B, C, D; (Explosionproof)
    • Class 2, Div 1, Grp. E, F, G; (Dust-Ignitionproof)
    • Class 2 Div 2, Grp. F, G; (Raintight)
    • Class 3 (Wet Locations)
    • NEMA 3, 4, 7CD, 9EFG
  • Non-welded design


The CAS CAST-X 2000 HT is a high-temperature circulation heater ideal for heating gases or liquids in demanding applications. Designed for higher flow applications, the CAST-X 2000 is capable of reaching temperatures to 1112°F (600°C) and working fluid pressure up to 5118psi. The CAST-X 2000 HT is available in a variety of wattages.

The CAST-X 2000 HT heater is made from cast bronze to maintain thermal and structural integrity over a long lifespan. The replaceable heater cartridge can be built with various wattages to suit your equipment's changing requirements. The CAST-X 2000 HT is available with an explosion-proof terminal enclosure positioned in a "standoff" position and/or with a built-in thermocouple for optimal temperature control and over-temp protection.

The indirect heating method of the CAST-X 2000 HT heater means the material being heated never comes in contact with the heater making it suitable for applications where fluid cleanliness is critical. This, along with the high temperature output, makes the CAST-X 2000 HT ideal for applications such as rocket and jet fuel test stands, multi-stage heating, LNG condensation removal, gas turbine fuel preheating, cryogenic gas vaporization, nitrogen heating, and more.