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  • Clean and pure flow tube
    • Particle Test: Meets Semi F-70 “Ultra-High Purity” spec
    • Roughness (Ra): Meets Semi F-19 “Ultra-High Purity” spec
    • Average Ra: 2.53 μin (0.064262 μm)
    • Maximum Ra: 3.19 μin (0.081026 μm)
    • Bend Radius: Complies with Semi E49 Guidelines for Inert and Reactive Gases (5 x Radius)
    • Passivated to ASTM-967 specs
  • Powerful and accurate heat
    • Max Operating Temperature to 300°C (572°F)
    • Standard Power: 208 Volt single phase, 400 Watts
    • Replaceable Heating Element
    • Dual Sensor Thermocouple: for accurate control of operating temps and secure over-temp protection
  • Easily integrated
    • Industry-Standard Gasline Flow-Tube Size: 1/4" (6.3 mm) OD, .035 Wall (.89 mm)
    • Industry-Standard VCR Fittings (certified Ultra-High Purity) on Tube Inlet & Outlet
  • Body Dimensions: 3.50” (89 mm) x 3.75” (95 mm)


PUR-Therm gas delivery heaters from CAS are designed to heat critical carrier gases and process gases. Manufactured to meet the industry's stringent purity standards, PUR-Therm gives OEMs and fabricators a more efficient, more accurate method of heating chamber gases, without sacrificing purity.

CAS PUR-Therm gas delivery heaters utilize the benefits of cast-in components to deliver more heat at lower wattages. Compared to other heaters, PUR-Therm uses less energy to achieve the same Delta-T. PUR-Therm heaters comply with a comprehensive array of industry standards for High Purity and Ultra High Purity. Heated gases are isolated in high purity 316 seamless stainless steel flow-tube, never contacting the heating elements or any other heater components

CAS PUR-Therm gas delivery heaters are ideal for applications such as carrier gas heating, process gas heating, and air & nitrogen heating for wafer drying. Not only do PUR-Therm heaters deliver more accurate temperature control compared to other heaters, they also eliminate the messy wires & control mechanisms associated with flexible gasline heaters. Compatible with most standard controls, PUR-Therm gas delivery heaters can be easily installed into gas cabinets or integrated ‘in-line' at any point along the gas stream.