• Dual source of pneumatic pressure and vacuum
  • Fully portable hand operated unit supplied as a complete kit
  • Generating up to 40 bar / 600 psi pressure or 96% vacuum
  • Adjustable stroke to provide over pressure protection
  • Quick fit instruments are available to use with the system including electronic calibrators,digital indicators and analog gauges
  • Includes a light, high quality carrying case. Kit option is available (with adaptors, washers, and seals)
  • The Most Efficient Pumps on the Market
  • Unmatched Fine Adjustment Control


The Druck TP1-40 Pneumatic Hand Pump generates pressure up to 600 psi or -28"Hg. Made with no plastic parts, Druck TPI1-40 pneumatic hand pumps are designed to endure harsh environments unlike the competition's disposable models.

The hand-held Druck TP1-40 pneumatic hand pump supplies pressure and vacuum generation with exceptional fine-tuning adjustments or stroke adjustments. These hand pumps are ideal for use with electronic calibrators, digital indicators, analog gauges, pressure transmitters, transducers, relief valves, or similar instrumentation.

The rugged and reliable design of the Druck TP1-40 pneumatic hand pump assures no leaks. With the fewest strokes to maximum pressure, Druck TP1-40 pneumatic hand pumps are the most efficient hand pumps on the market with the fewest strokes to maximum pressure.

Druck TP1-40 pneumatic hand pumps can be purchased independently or in a kit including carrying case, NPT adapters, seals, and hoses.

Also available is the Analog Pressure Calibrator Kit which combines a hand pump, adapters, hoses, washers, carrying case and a high quality analog pressure gauge. This versatile calibration solution is a cost effective means of checking various pressure instrumentation such as transmitters, transducers, and pressure switches.

Other hand pumps available from SI Pressure:

  • LTP1: Pneumatic pump provides pressure and vacuum generation from -27 inHg to 30 psi
  • HTP1: Hydraulic pump provides pressure generation to 15,000 psi