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  • 2 or 4 sensor input channels
  • Accelerometer, Velocity & Displacement compatible
  • AC coupled range: 16 V peak-peak
  • DC coupled range: 0 to 20 V, -10 to 10 V, -20 to 0 V
  • Accuracy ±(0.1% + 1cpm)
  • Frequency range 25 to 80,000 Hz
  • Bluetooth communication
  • 5 Year warranty


The Bently Nevada COMMTEST220 and COMMTEST240 Portable Data Collectors are designed to monitor machinery in non-hazardous environments. Both are rated ATEX Zone 1 / Zone 21 (for gases and non-conductive dust) and CSA Class 1 / Div 1. These small form-factor devices take vibration recordings and upload the collected data for detailed analysis in System 1. The COMMTEST Data Collector uses Bluetooth to communicate with a wireless, industrial handheld device running the S1 Collector app.

The data acquisition module can be carried between machines using a shoulder strap. Vibration recordings are viewed and stored on the available handheld device. The handheld runs the Android OS, so it can be used like any smartphone or tablet to take pictures and video, send text messages, check email, make phone calls, track locations, create SOS alerts, and run other enterprise apps on the same device.

The COMMTEST220 and COMMTEST240 weigh under two pounds. They are water and dust resistant and have been drop tested. Up to four sensor channels can be sampled simultaneously using optional tachometer or Keyphasor triggering. The data acquisition module provides up to ten hours of continuous use, while supporting an Fmax up to 80 kHz and 12,800 lines of spectral resolution.

System 1, paired with COMMTEST220 or COMMTEST240, enables the tracking of multiple machines using a single enterprise monitoring system. Use System 1 to prepare routes, analyze data, detect long-term trends, and set and detect alarms. Routes can be transferred between System 1 and the COMMTEST device using WiFi, file transfer, cellular network, or a USB cable.






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