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  • ±0.1% accuracy
  • 6 or 12 channels
  • 2GB memory
  • 100msec for 4 points and 1 sec for 6/12 points high-speed recording
  • 5.7in VGA TFT color LCD display
  • USB slot and CF card is equipped as standard memory


The CHINO KR2S Series Graphic Recorder are an advanced touch-screen display (keyless) paperless Graphic Recorder with high-performance and high-operating function along with high visibility 5.7in VGA TFT Color LCD display. Universal input with high speed of sampling rate 100msec and high-accuracy rating of ±0.1% realized. Measured data is stored into memory and supports up to 8GB through USB and CF Card. As it can be monitored by a web browser display on several computers on the intranet or internet, FTP transfer of data file and E-mail notification are also available.

The CHINO KR2S Series Graphic Recorder also includes a sharp 5.7in LCD touch-panel display based on Human Engineering such as color, line, thickness, a key position. It adopts VGA (640X480) which has 4 times the resolution of the conventional model.

Data can be viewed or monitored on a PC in a web browser or on several computers on an intranet or internet. Measured data is stored in the internal memory and a compact flash card slot.