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  • -60 to 350°F (-51 to 177°C) probe temp range
  • -60 to 212°F (-51 to 100°C) housing temp range
  • -17.5 Vdc to -26 Vdc without barriers
  • -23 Vdc to -26 Vdc with barriers.
  • 50 Ω output resistance
  • Type 4X, IP66
  • Available with no approvals or multiple approvals


The Bently Nevada PROXPAC XL Proximity Transducer Assembly offers the advantages of accessing and externally adjusting proximity probes. The housing cover of the PROXPAC XL Assembly contains its own 3300 XL Proximitor sensor. This design makes the PROXPAC XL Assembly a completely self-contained proximity probe system, and eliminates the need for an extension cable between the probe and its associated Proximitor sensor. It also eliminates the need for a separate Proximitor housing, as the field wiring connects directly between the monitors and PROXPAC XL Assemblies.

The PROXPAC XL housing is made of Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS), which is an advanced, molded thermoplastic. This material replaces the steel and aluminum in previous housings offered in the Bently Nevada product line. It also incorporates glass and conductive fibers in the PPS to strengthen the housing and more effectively dissipate electrostatic charges. The PROXPAC XL housing is rated for Type 4X and for IP66 environments and provides extra protection in severe environments.