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  • Threaded process connection
  • -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C) temp range
  • 10 to 44psi(0.7 to 3bar) pressure range
  • Maximum measuring distance:
    • Sensor 1 1/2in for liquids 5m (16ft) and for bulk solids 2m (6.6ft)
    • Sensor 2in for liquids 8m (26ft)and for bulk solids 3.5m (11ft)
  • Blocking distnace:
    • Sensor 1 1/2in 0.25m (0.8ft)
    • Sensor 2in 0.35m (1.15ft)


The E+H Prosonic FMU30 Ultrasonic Sensor can be used in a range of applications extending from monitoring levels in sewage treatment plants and process water tanks to applications for loading, storage and buffer tanks. FMU30 ultrasonic sensor offers proven software algorithms and all warning and alarm messages are shown on the four-line plain text display and guarantee fast remedy of problems. The envelope curve can also be shown on the display. As the analysis results are displayed directly on-site, this ensures quick and accurate error diagnostics.

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