• Spot-check measurements to -76°F (-60°C) dew point
  • Online moisture measurements -148 to 68°F (-100 to 20°C) dew point
  • Low pressure version: 290 PSIG Max
  • High pressure version: 4350 PSIG Max
  • 1/4" Swagelok fittings
  • 16 hours operation between recharging
  • Sample at pressure or atmospheric
  • Accuracy +/-2°C dew point
  • Traceable 13-point calibration certificate
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Compact and simple to use

What's in the Box

  • Low pressure version:
  • 2m of 6mm O/D PTFE tube
  • Battery charger
  • Mains lead
  • 3 pole ¼” jack plug (inside lid) - for analog output connections
  • Certificate of calibration
  • High pressure version:
  • Swagelok® 6mm metering valve
  • Swagelok® 6mm tube port adaptor
  • Battery charger
  • Mains lead
  • 3 pole ¼” jack plug (inside lid)
  • Certificate of calibration


Simple to use and rugged, the Easidew portable hygrometer is the ideal tool for a wide range of on-site maintenance spot checks and dry dew-point online measurements. The robust integral sample system and wide measurement range ceramic metal-oxide moisture sensor provide an accurate moisture measurement in a broad range of dew-point applications.

The Easidew Hygrometer has been designed to make dew-point spot checks down to -60°C dew point, and online measurements across -100 to +20°C dew point, as simple as possible. This completely self-contained instrument weighs just 4kg and is delivered ready to use. Simply connect your sample gas to the Swagelok fittings, turn on the instrument and it will begin to measure/display the dew point of the applied sample.