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  • Process connections: Threads, flanges, pancake, hygienic connections
  • Process temperature: -94 to 752°F (-70 up to 400°C)
  • Measuring ranges: 1.5 to 600psi (100mbar to 40 bar)
  • Accuracy: ±0.075%
  • International explosion protection certificates


The E+H Deltabar FMD78 differential pressure transmitter uses two capillary diaphragm seals. Typically used in process and hygiene applications for continuous measurement of pressure differences in liquids, vapors, gases and dusts. The integrated HistoROM data module makes the management of process and device parameters easy. Designed according to IEC 61508 for use in SIL3 safety applications.

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Part Number Price Available
FMD78-UNC7FE1TFFAU 15.00ft Call for information 3 Call to order
FMD78-ABU7F4E00BUA 15.00ft Call for information 2 Call to order

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