• 0.001 to 1000 ppmw measurement range
  • -148 to 68°Fdp calibration range
  • Dew point accuracy:
    • ±1.8°F from -75.9 to 68°Fdp
    • ±3.6°F from -76 to -148°Fdp
  • 32°F between 68 and -148°Fdp resolution
  • -4 to 158°F temperature measurement range
  • ±0.36°F temperature measurement accuracy
  • Up to 5 MPa (50 barg) analysis pressure
  • 0 to 122°F analysis temperature
  • ATEX, IECEx, TC TR, FM, cCSAus certifications


The Michell Instruments Liquidew IS moisture in liquid analyzer provides a complete solution for accurate, online moisture measurement in process liquids, and offers many advantages over sample collection and laboratory analysis methods. Continuous online measurement allows monitoring and control of moisture conditions to achieve optimum efficiency for production or maintenance. Intrinsically safe sensors, with a sampling system, can be installed in the hazardous zones to minimize sample transportation time and ensure a fast response to process moisture changes. The rack-mounted Liquidew I.S. Control Unit, which is located in a safe area, provides real-time display of moisture content, user-settable alarms and analog output and digital communications.

The Liquidew analyzer's ceramic moisture sensor features chemically inert materials and physical resilience that provide long-term reliable service in liquid phase measurements. The robust construction prevents sensors from damage caused by dense liquid flow or pressure shocks from rapid process pressure changes during start-up and maintenance. The 19-inch sub-rack mounting Liquidew IS control unit provides complete operational functionality. The bright alphanumeric LED display with auto-scale function gives measurement values across six orders of magnitude, from sub-ppm levels to saturation conditions. The Liquidew features four user-adjustable alarm points, two analog 4-20 mA outputs, and a digital RS485 RTU for connection to external devices.

Liquidew IS Moisture in Liquid Analyzer Applications

  • Naphtha feedstock to isomerization catalyst
  • Hexane solvent in HDPE and LDPE process
  • Benzene in styrene manufacture
  • LNG and LPG production and product checking
  • Diesel and aero fuels to avoid liquid water phase separation
  • BTX process monitoring of benzene, toluene and xylene
  • Ethylene and propylene feed to polymer process
  • Butadiene for the manufacture of synthetic rubber