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  • Pt1000/NTC 22 KOHM temperature sensor
  • -4 to 248°F (-20 to 120°C) NTC30 measuring range
  • -40 to 482°F (-40 to 250°C) Pt1000 measuring range
  • QVGA TFT illuminated display
  • 4 x AA batteries
  • IP66/67


The E+H Liquiline To Go CYM290 is a multiparameter handheld tool for the measurement of pH/ORP, conductivity, conductivity trace, oxygen, oxygen trace and temperature. It is suitable for most industries and their utilities allowing the reliable control of measuring loops, grab samples on site or in the lab and process points where no online measurement is installed. The CYM290 can control any measuring point in a plant with the identical Memosens sensors used in a process. Using the same technology for process and grab sample measurement guarantees full data consistency between measurements. Reliable measuring values allow for quick remedial action when necessary to keep a process running under optimal conditions.

The shock-proof housing with ingress protection to IP66/67 enables fast process control even in the most challenging environments. Plug & play with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors enables rapid change from one parameter to another. The device automatically detects when a Memosens sensor is connected and switches to the appropriate measured variable. By simply plugging in a new Memosens sensor, the device can measure conductivity, the pH value and oxygen. Operation is supported by info text and help. Memosens allows the storage of calibration data, which will be available and can still be used when the sensor is connected to another Memosens-capable device. The CYM290 uses Sensoface, a simple icon based tool that provides quick information on the sensor condition. The unit displays one of three "smiley" faces to represent the sensor condition during measurement and after a calibration. When the condition deteriorates, a status message gives a hint to the cause.

The E+H Liquiline To Go CYM290 provides multiple connections:

  • (1) micro USB-B for battery-free operation 
  • (1) M8 socket, 4-pin, for Memosens laboratory cable 
  • (2) Ø 4 mm socket for separate temperature sensor
  • (1) DIN 19 262 for analog PH sensors





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