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  • >0.032 l/min at 3 bar from 9.8 ft
  • >0.05 l/min at 3 bar from 32.8 ft
  • 328ft (100m) maximum distance
  • 2 kHz to 31 kHz adjustable bandwidth
  • 5" (800 × 480) touchscreen display
  • 1640 × 1234 resolution
  • 124 low-noise MEMS microphones
  • Real-time sound visualization
  • Corded or cordless versions
  • 32GB non-removable SD card
  • 8GB USB removable storage
  • Weighs 6.4 lbs


The FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera can help locate pressurized leaks in compressed air systems or detect partial discharge from high-voltage electrical systems. This lightweight, one-handed solution is designed to help maintenance, manufacturing, and engineering professionals identify issues up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods and requires minimal training to operate. The acoustic image is transposed in real time on top of a digital camera picture, which allows the user to accurately pinpoint the source of the sound and classify problems to improve the reliability in production lines.

Quickly and precisely locate leaks, even in loud industrial environments with high-resolution acoustic images and 124 built-in microphones. Instantly view the leak rate onscreen in real time (l/min or CFM). Upload, store, and backup data; create reports; and conduct deep analysis using FLIR Acoustic Camera Viewer cloud analytics. Easily review images on-screen even in bright, outdoor conditions. Ensure proper air pressure to pneumatic equipment to save on energy costs. Quantify leak size to understand how much energy was lost and the amount of money saved by discovering the problem. Through a regular maintenance routine, the FLIR Si124 can help facilities save money on utility bills and delay the expense of installing new compressors.