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  • Capillary or rigid assembly
  • 1.5, 3 or 6m capillary lengths
  • Inside diameter
    • 1mm standard
    • 2mm for vacuum service, high process temperature applications
  • 100mm smallest bending radius of the capillary
  • Process temperature
    • -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C) for rigid mounting
    • 14 to 176°F (-10 to 80°C) for capillary mounting with PVC sleeve
    • -40 to 662°F (-40 to 350°C) for capillary mounting with stainless steel sleeve

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Fuji Electric remote diaphragm seals prevent the measuring cell of a pressure transmitter from coming directly in contact with the process conditions. The various diaphragm architectures and welded seal construction offer excellent reliability in harsh processing conditions such as high static pressure, temperature or corrosiveness, and viscous, crystallizable or abrasive processes. The pressure is applied to the remote seal and transferred by the filling fluid through the capillary path to the measuring cell of the pressure transmitter.

The remote seal can be assembled to the transmitter either by a direct (rigid) connection (for level measurement at the bottom of a tank), or by capillary (for use with a distant measuring point and high process temperature). The fully welded design allows a gasket-free path between the remote seal and the measuring cell of the pressure transmitter. Depending on the application, various fill fluids are available to ensure the optimal transmission of the process pressure to the measuring cell. The rigid assembly can either be a "long design" (in line) or a "short design," as shown in the outline dimension drawings on the datasheet.

Various diaphragm seal types are available depending on the mounting and operating conditions. Types include flush mounting design from DN40 to DN100; seals with extensions from 50 to 200 mm; flanged, screwed or welded neck adapters; and seals for sanitary applications for DIN, SMS or Tri-Clamp standards.

The working pressure is limited by the smallest value between the nominal flange rating of the seal diaphragm and the maximum working pressure of the transmitter. The vacuum limit depends on the limit of the measuring cell and the filling fluid of the remote seal. For the differential or gauge pressure transmitter, the vacuum limit is 20 Torr or 27 mbar abs.