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  • Universally usable for thermal energy measurements
  • Fast replaceability of the insert
  • -328 to 1112°F (-200 to 600°C) measurement range
  • High degree of insert compatibility and design
  • Sensors in matched pairs within the range:
  • 0 to 120 °C (±0.05 K)
  • –40 to 0 °C (±0.1 K)
  • Fast response time with reduced tip
  • Protection class: up to IP68


The E+H Omnigrad M TST90 RTD Thermometer uses comprehensive and common temperature measurement technology for almost all branches of industry. The thermometer is mainly used in the chemical industry but also finds its use in other branches. The device is used for high-precision measurement of temperature differences with matched sensor pairs. A variety of dimensions offers flexible application possibilities.

TST90 RTD thermometer assembly includes a replaceable single Pt100 inset in mineral insulated cable, a terminal head and a thermowell. The inset is equipped with special matched Pt100 for thermal energy measurement. The terminal head can be selected from a wide choice of standard items. The thermowell can be delivered with a reduced tip for fast response time. TST90 is always delivered in matched pairs.