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  • Measuring range: –200 to 600°C (–28 to 1 112°F)
  • Pressure range up to 40 bar (580 psi)
  • Fast response times
  • Can be used in non-hazardous areas
  • Protection class: up to IP69K


The E+H iTHERM TM412 Hygienic Thermometer has been designed to meet the requirements of the food & beverages and life sciences industries and complies with the highest quality standards. It offers a variety of versions within a clearly segmented standard product. The result: Time and cost savings by simple and fast product selection. It offers many technical innovations: iTHERM QuickSens, StrongSens or QuickNeck. This leads to distinctive reduction of maintenance costs, improved product quality, process efficiency and safety.

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Additional Part Numbers

These part numbers are available as old stock, but we have limited information about the configuration. Please call for more information.

Part Number Price Available
TM412-CA2AD22B14A2Q381CAAC33BABHEJAKBLSS Call for information 1 Call to order
TM412-AA2AD32A13A4Q311FBAA13EHBMD 2.00in Call for information 1 Call to order
TM412-AA2AD31B11X1B201EDCE30AAB 8.00inch Call for information 1 Call to order
TM412-AA0AA00E00X3B501EFCE12EABK5SBTN 4. Call for information 2 Call to order
TM412-AA2AD31B11A4B201CAAC33EBB 2.00inch Call for information 4 Call to order
TM412-F12AD32A13X1Q311CEAC13CFADCK5 11.0 Call for information 9 Call to order
TM412-AA2AD21B11A4Q311CAAC41AGB 2.00inch Call for information 1 Call to order
TM412-AA2AD32A13A5B201CEAC12CGB 2.50inch Call for information 7 Call to order

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