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  • ±90° solid angle from on axis to 6dB down field of coverage
  • 20m (65ft) on-axis radius typical area of coverage
  • -76 to 167°F (-55 to 75°C) operating temp
  • Modbus RTU RS485, HART, Bluetooth
  • Painted stainless steel or aluminium
  • SIL2 to EN61508

What's in the Box

  • Searchzone Sonik™
  • Standard Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Plastic sunshade (stainless steel optional)
  • Searchzone Sonik Test Unit (optional)
  • Plastic Cover Cap
  • Certified Blanking Plug
  • Allen (hex) key, size 10
  • Allen (hex) key, size 8
  • Allen (hex) key, size 1.5
  • Registration sheet
  • Quick start guide


The new Honeywell Searchzone Sonik is a robust and reliable gas leak detector that will efficiently "hear" the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its detection zone. An advanced, SIL 2 certified, hazardous area ultrasonic gas leak detector, the Searchzone Sonik responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks and is unaffected environmental conditions. Searchzone Sonik is factory calibrated. Its robust sealed design with no moving parts and the piezo-based sensor allow for mounting in any orientation, even in the harshest environments.

The Honeywell Searchzone Sonik will respond quickly to a gas leak within a sensing range radius of typically 65ft (20m), dependent upon background noise. The intelligent background noise detection system allows the detector to be set up for maximum sensitivity while avoiding nuisance alarms. A sophisticated App on a hazardous area Bluetooth device delivers remote access for set-up, interrogation and maintenance, supported by an advanced test-tool enabling testing from the ground - no need to work at height. The Searchzone Sonik App allows users to save configurations and upload to other Searchzone Soniks for quick and easy commissioning.

The Honeywell Searchzone Sonik features a bright signal light – green, yellow, red, or blue - providing clear indication of the instrument status. Its full operational logs enables post-event analysis to assess overall performance and allows security checks.