Bently Nevada 43217 / 37442 Accelerometer Mounting Kit
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  • Water-tight
  • Dust resistant

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Bently Nevada 330400 / 330425 Accelerometer
Designed for critical machinery applications where casing acceleration measurements are required
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The mounting kit is available in three configurations to house various accelerometers. All kits consist of a flat cover with a housing base, a set of three 1/4in 20 UNC x 0.62 mounting screws with lock washers, a cable grip, an O-ring, and a gasket. One configuration adds an optional dome cover. Another configuration adds an optional extension and an optional dome cover. All kit designs mate with 12-mm (1/2-in) flexible or rigid conduit.

Properly installed kits, using an accelerometer mounting base and rigid or flexible conduit, meet API 670 requirements. The conduit is ordered as an accessory. The mounting base is an accessory with the 23732, 330400 and 330425. Prior to mounting, the machine surface where the housing will be installed must be spot faced.