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  • Full color graphic display
  • 3 Phase insulation resistance
  • Temperature correction for insulation resistance
  • Guard terminal
  • DLRO four wire Kelvin
  • Continuity and diode test
  • Motor direction of rotation
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • CAT III 600 V up to 3000 m
  • Environmental protection to IP54

What's in the Box

  • Hook strap assembly
  • Soft pouch
  • Temperature probe
  • IR lead set
  • Kelvin clip lead set

The Megger MTR105 Rotating Machine Tester features a DLRO four wire Kelvin low resistance test, inductance and capacitance tests to provide a versatile motor tester, all packaged in a robust hand held instrument. Additionally the MTR105 incorporates temperature measurement and compensation (for IR tests), motor direction of rotation plus supply phase rotation tests. These new test abilities make the MTR105 a real world, versatile, hand held motor test instrument. The MTR105 comes in an over-moulded case, providing increased protection and robustness, achieving an IP54 weatherproof rating.

Applications for the MTR105:

  • Production tests for new manufactured motors and generators
  • Test repaired and refurbished motors and generators
  • Monitoring and maintenance of in service motors (off line) in the field
Megger 1012-063 Soft Pouch
Soft Pouch for the MTR105
Megger 1012-064 Kelvin Probe Pins
Set of 4 Kelvin Probe Pins
Megger 1012-065 Test Probe Set
Test probe set, long reach, CAT II 1000V 10A
Megger 1012-069 Grabber Clip Leadset
Grabber Clip Leadset, CAT III 1000V CAT IV 600V 10A
Megger 1012-067 Temperature Probe
Temperature Probe, T Type Thermocouple, CATIII 600V
Megger 1012-068 Hanging Hook
Hanging Hook & Strap (non-magnetic)