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  • e-MCM
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  • Compatible with 3-phase AC motors
    • Induction or synchronous
    • Fixed or variable speed
  • Inputs
    • 100-240 Vac, 47–64 Hz, 19 VA, 200 mA or
    • 120-300 Vdc, 19 VA, 200 mA
  • Communications
    • RS422/485
    • RS232 and Ethernet available with appropriate converter
  • One assignable, user-programmable relay output
  • LCD display with 5 LEDs and tactile keypad
  • Panel mount (91 mm x 91 mm)
  • Includes MCMScada software
  • IP40 front panel; IP20 whole unit
  • EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, EN 61326-1, IEC 61326-1


The Artesis motor condition monitoring (e-MCM) system provides simple and accurate maintenance scheduling information without the need for interpretation by highly trained personnel. The system monitors fixed or variable speed motors, and is capable of monitoring three phase AC motors and generators and driven equipment of all sizes and power levels. It provides clear indications of degradation of the performance of motor-driven equipment.

The e-MCM uses an intelligent, model-based approach to provide anomaly detection by measuring the current and voltage signals from the electrical supply to the motor. It compares the measurements with its reference condition in order to assess the severity and type of any developing fault. It is able to recognize abnormalities in a wide range of operating states, and to extend its self-learning process when it recognizes that it has moved beyond its original learning limits. The e-MCM provides both mechanical (unbalance, misalignment, roller bearings) and electrical (loose windings, short circuits) anomaly detection as well as electrical parameters such as voltage and current imbalances and power factor. In addition, it can detect changes in the load the motor is experiencing due to anomalies in the driven equipment or process, such as cavitations or plugged filters and screens.

The e-MCM is easy to install, and it requires minimal operator intervention for set-up and operation. It is permanently mounted, generally in the motor control center, and is applicable to 3-phase AC, induction or synchronous, fixed or variable speed motors. Since sensor installation isn't required on the motor itself or associated load, the e-MCM is especially attractive for inaccessible driven equipment and is applicable to most types of pumps, compressors, and similar loads.

For applications involving the monitoring of many motors and associated machinery, the networking options available with the e-MCM allow units to be connected together to a host terminal where they can all be viewed together. The data can be viewed using the e-MCM Scada Software or Artesis Enterprise Server (OPC Server), which allows examination of the various parameters used to determine the status of a motor and to trend the parameters as a visual indication of degradation over time.

The e-MCM Smart is a more affordable alternative to the e-MCM. This system provides information such as the fault location, the fault type, and the remaining time for the failure. The e-MCM Smart sends instant notification e-mails when a fault alarm is raised, and the condition of the equipment can be monitored via a computer display or a TV screen.